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Enterprise Purposes
Honesty is the best policy
Honest and loyal to every customer, to win the trust of every friend, do in advance as our idea, integrity to clients, integrity to workers.

Enterprise Spirit
Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.
Respect technology, training talents, focus details and build quality. Since leading the revolution, technology pushing the development, never satisfied and to achieve enterprise promotion.

Cultivate talents    Create wealth    Contribute to society
Moral and competent employees are not only company’s wealth, is also belongs to society.
Employees create the wealth
Talents are real wealth, so we can undertake social responsibility.

Management Philosophy
Talent for future      Detail decides success
Advocating people-oriented management thinking, people as fundamental, quality as core, execution as means, make company culture infiltrate into all aspects of work, to highlight the enterprise spirit.

Business Philosophy
Endless Innovation     Services forever
Management innovation, technology innovation, product innovation, service innovation, pursuit of a comprehensive, professional, timely and friendly service is another key factor of our Donghua company to win customer trust and to win market.

Service Philosophy
We're here to help
Thinking customers thinking, worrying customers needs. Adhere to the purpose of "service is an extension of the product" , to make customer reassure, free and comfortable.