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Cutting machine how to solve the problem is not smooth feeding

Click : times    Time :2016-06-10

Cause die-cutting machine is not smooth feeding of a variety of major deformation of paper, print surface is too smooth or caused by other mechanical failure.

(1) the deformation caused by the paper feeding is not smooth
Since cutting machine cutting and processing the entire printing process is the very end of a process, the paper after some processing procedures prone to distortion, especially at high temperatures, high pressure polishing. Coated paper after deformation is more serious, then the feeder often not J are advantageously feed.

Cutting machine

(2) feeding the printed surface is too smooth not smooth caused
After polishing film products because of its surface is too smooth, it will cause some difficulties for feeding. In both cases, an experienced operator will do the preparatory work before the paper, such as: When loading paper, adding some wooden wedge or roll in the paper without bending the paper when the paper advance fight side, knocking the paper work or be appropriate to reduce the speed die-cutting machine, generally can avoid this problem from occurring.

(3) feeding difficulties caused by mechanical failure
Feida enough suction nozzle from the paper heap position of the plane is inappropriate, inaccurate positioning rules may cause mechanical reasons stayed, double sheet, empty sheets and other faults occurred during feeding. As long as usual to do cutting machine maintenance and mechanical parts of the adjustment will be difficult to avoid the tractor mechanical failures.