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How to improve the production efficiency of the automatic cutting machine

Click : times    Time :2016-06-10

The high cost of automatic cutting machine, but it can not be one-sided on behalf of the production efficiency can be higher than manual cutting machine (for example, some of the puzzles or non-die-paper products). Efficiency automatic cutting machine is mainly dependent on what products die, or long and short version. The greater the number of orders, more suitable for the production of automatic cutting machine. Today of what the automatic cutting machine how to improve production efficiency.
1. Select the large number of orders scheduled for production automatic cutting machine;
2. mold production school, the captain and co-workers to cooperate with each other to shorten the molding time school;
3. If it is frequently die of old product, you can fill up the end of paper left for later use, if the left end of paper can save 20% of the time correction mode;
4. operation to minimize downtime and try to choose non-stop to the production of paper for Taiwan;
5. Before corrugated die after long version for the opportunity to help with the work at the same time reduces downtime;
6. When the version for one minute in advance to find a good manual hydraulic forklift, to avoid wasting time looking for the truck;
Opened machine speed as fast 7. does not affect product quality.
Do the above points, we believe that the efficiency of automatic cutting machine will be improved.

Automatic cutting machine

Second, the die-captain should have what qualities?
1, familiar with die-cutting machine performance, proficiency in machine production company to complete tasks, and production index, serious and responsible work, requiring not less than three years experience in printing and packaging industry.
2, before starting on the knife version, to be carefully checked, corrected version to do and die-cutting knife paper check, pre-production samples to complete the first sign, the first sign-like unfinished parts in the production process of negative quality problems full responsibility.
3, work pressure adjustment process to avoid injury knife, cutting the time to pay attention, do not flash, cracking, sharp lines, damaged, more than one cutting pressure is too light to affect the production of trouble after the procedure.
4, in the production process to achieve ground inspection, requiring no less than 500 checks, pay attention to avoid the occurrence of the above problem. To do a good job of production records, to complete the production work order number data to fill in true and reliable without false data.
5, do on-site 5S management (machine spotless, clean and orderly workplace), regular maintenance of equipment, Repair and reporting requirements requested in writing.