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Jia Yi printer march 2016 Germany Drupa printing and packaging exhibition

Click : times    Time :2016-06-10

Germany Drupa international print exhibition is the most prestigious international printing exhibition, the exhibition called Olympic event printing and paper industry, known as the "people's festival print" insiders. Drupa 2016 year will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany Exhibition Centre May 31 - June 10. By then, the printer Jia Yi will be a grand exhibition and look forward to your visit.

Show Name: Germany Drupa international printing exhibition (DRUPA2016)

Show Time: May 2016 31- June 10

Venue: Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre

Germany Drupa international printing exhibition held every four years, the last show "Drupa2012", a total of 19 galleries, exhibition area of ​​166,000 square meters, more than 1,800 exhibitors from 52 countries around the world out of the their new products and new technologies, of which 60 per cent of exhibitors from countries and regions outside of Germany, received a total of 138 countries from the professional audience of about 314,000 people.

Drupa exhibition foreshadowed the next four or five years the development trend of printing technology, where people can have a thorough understanding of the future development trend of printing technology, but also for the printing industry, the company offers an ideal platform for trade negotiations; here Exhibitor Suppliers also detected needs of the market for themselves to seek a wider living space, looking for the best opportunities.