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Cutting machine - automated, intelligent, multi-functional direction

Click : times    Time :2016-06-10

A plurality of die-cutting machine data communication between programmable controllers; LCD display intelligent operation, man - machine dialogue; the use of fiber optic sensors to detect cursor, precise positioning; digital servo; holographic foil surface tension control; holographic stamping machinery precision manufacturing technology and so will continue to apply. In addition to die, but also requires the ability to bronzing and automatic stripping. In Kun-round Machinery Company CNC die-cutting machine, for example, from paper, die cutting / stamping, to the upper and lower bonding / exhausting and finally closed paper / cut sheets all done automatically, the user does not require absolute speed, but it requires stable and reliable. Cutting machine as the main equipment after printing printed packaging processing, has formed different grades in our country, for a variety of printing and packaging products, wide range and variety of equipment family, basically meet the domestic demand for equipment. Trends cutting machine has the following characteristics:
1, Rotary Connection die will die is the best way to bulk printing and packaging products. Has been used for flexographic printing production lines, forms printer, corrugated printing slotting die-cutting machine, rotary stickers trademark printing presses, gravure printing, die-cutting production lines to connect printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, in particular, to improve the level of processing technology of die cutting cylinder, die cutting range of applications will be more extensive, cutting production efficiency will be further improved.
2, with the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the size of the business expanding. Automatic platen die-cutting machine application market will continue to expand. In contrast, the semi-automatic pressure die-cutting machine indentation sales market will decline further, in addition to low productivity, high labor intensity and other reasons, security is poor, prone to accidents problem is the decline of its main reason. However, due to the large size of the printing and packaging industry, the level of the gap, this device will also have a certain market, it will still play a role.
3, the traditional stickers trademark printing press manufacturers. Production into the tough times, production and sales declining. The reason is to increase production and sales of high-tech products and efficient rotary eleven satellites trademark printing and flexographic printing press, printing and rotary die cutting machines even more efficient than the production batch printing, intermittent platen die backward production equipment.
4, China has imported more than the entire sheets of large format sheetfed presses to KBA as the representative of the Rapida Maximum paper size 1620-type machine is 1200mmX1620mm, printing speed 120D0 / hour, and comes the far-infrared light drying device, also developed a maximum feed size of 1300mmX1850mm and 1020mmX2050mm super souvenir sheet sheetfed presses. China also has three printing machinery companies began producing souvenir sheet-fed presses, the maximum feed size, respectively: 1020mmX1420mm and 1020mmX1440mm, maximum printing speed of 5000 to 7000 / hr. And expand the market introduction of a full sheet of paper, packaging print die-processing equipment will also generate demand. Adaptation souvenir sheet sizes of CNC cutting machine, China has a lot of production, which kun round Machinery production of die-cutting machine, for example, the machine cutting speed of 12,000 sheets / hour, in the world advanced level.