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Forward permeate all areas of digital printing and packaging industry should respond as soon as possible

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[China Packaging Reuters Countless facts tell us that various combinations of print production processes to enhance product quality is the need to improve productivity needs, after all, it is to meet the packaged products, including sales and aesthetic needs of the user.

There are cases as evidence:

Note is the use of engraving gravure, letterpress, using optical variable ink and a series of security measures on specific specialty paper products; notes, the label is the combination of traditional flexo or offset printing and digital printing, has a bar code drug packaging the same is true; individual luxury packaging after printing by topical treatment of digital printing equipment highlights the texture; ....... For the multi-printing technology combined with production requirements, Italian and domestic machinery manufacturers have introduced sets concave, soft, plastic and several kinds of technology in one of the special reel printing presses, these customized machines based on customer requirements can also replace drum technology to achieve conversion between color groups. That being so, the packaging and printing to gravure, offset printing as the main body, and gradually move towards a combination of digital printing hybrid printing road also reasonable history.

Digital printing is rapidly penetrate to all areas by virtue of its ability to meet the individual needs of

The development of digital printing and digital technology closely linked, digital printing longer meet the requirements of personalized products, in order to print a small number of copies, multiple batches, the digital printing equipment more attention by the manufacturer.

Since 2008, the global economic crisis set off by the US subprime crisis, combined with people getting used to obtain information through the Internet terminal, significantly reduced orders for long print runs, so the sales of traditional printing equipment appeared sluggish performance before, although digital printing equipment sales also affected by the cold wave, but the breakthrough and expand the scope of application of digital printing equipment technology is unusually clear.

Relative to the full-fledged traditional offset printing, printing format is small, slow printing speed digital presses has always been a short board, is criticized by the industry, but in recent years the situation has been basically get rid of almost major digital equipment manufacturers have successfully launched the B2 format machines, printing speed is greatly improved, the quality of prints the user's approval. It is said that on this drupa, Israelis Benny Landa will be released for folding carton and POP printing LandaS10 sheetfed presses for commercial printing LandaS10P perfector as well as for flexible packaging and cardboard printing LandaW10 web presses, in which the speed S10 sheetfed claims up to 13,000 sheets per hour, it is further extended to large format folio (B1). Message also said, also launched by Benny Landa metallurgical nano (Nano-metallography) printing cost will be only half of the traditional metal printing, and if so, what is the reason people are not accepted by the digital printing technology with progress to convenience and cost reduction?

If the past few years digital printing equipment exciting technological advances that digital printing is more widely used in various areas of production of the same people to see its infinite vitality. Digital printing is applied to graphic printing and short-run commercial printing are extremely popular; used in the short version of the book has also been accepted by the printing press; digital printing more used labels, security printing it has also been seen; applied wallpaper, tiles personalized printing is not rare; now digital printing and dyeing began strode toward home decorating; ...... believe that along with the continuous development of people printing, digital printing will be more towards aspects of our life, which naturally inevitably include occupies most of the country in the field of packaging printing.

Packaging and Printing in print in the first large

With the popularity of the Internet, mainly to books, newspapers and commercial print content print volume down quickly, according to the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio data released in 2009, the proportion of packaging printing in the year 636.773 billion yuan output value of printing 65%; 2010 770 650 000 000 in the country's GDP in the printing, packaging and printing is completed 576.646 billion output value of the printing of publications (123,426,000,000) of 4.67 times; in 2013 the total output value of China's printing industry for the first time more than one trillion, reaching 1.03985 trillion yuan, packaging and printing output value of 774.2 billion yuan, the proportion has risen to 74.45%, which means that in the past four years, growth in packaging printing is more than two percentage points up almost every year. Therefore, packaging, printing and closely related to people's lives is the first large print. That being so, digital printing with the latest scientific and technological achievements of convergence should be more used in packaging, printing, digital printing means that this is not going to replace the traditional process, but should play a long variety of printing processes, and take the road hybrid printing .

A long time, China's printing market is always offset printing overwhelmingly dominant, followed by gravure, flexo, screen printing, the latter two in the printing market share should belong to the single digits, sales of digital printing equipment of these although the sudden emergence of the situation, but according to statistics of the General Administration is about 1 percentage point (taking into account the presence of a large number did not obtain a license digital printing digital printing capacity, the people are digital printing market share in the total amount should be printed between 2-3%), far below the international market has reached 14% of the average. Of course, in recent years along with environmental pressures increase, the amount of digital printing and flexographic printing negative environmental impact of using water-based ink relatively small increases. Case packaging printing capacity broadly consistent with the fundamentals of the above, except that only the gravure printing process in the long run packaging printing proportion of larger, because the cost is relatively expensive intaglio plate to facilitate sharing in high-volume production.

It is also because the reasons for gravure offset printing packaging printing production are widely used, in September 2012 drafted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "second five key areas of air pollution control plan" that is, the packaging and printing industries included in the key management planning directory , October the following year, "air pollution prevention action plan," the State Council issued is clearly stated, "in the petrochemical, surface coating, packaging and printing industry pilot VOCs pollution charges, the implementation of comprehensive management", in the capital of hard-hit Beijing haze only but the brunt of it.

Undoubtedly, the presence in the printing production of emissions of VOCs and other pollutants on the environment has a certain negative impact, printing companies should also make efforts to protect the environment, but at a relatively difficult economic situation, governance and punishment relations, the monitoring means and fees and other matters made more operational, more fit reality, companies may be more receptive to the subjective, the job will be more aggressive. Moreover, the existing environmental management program will require companies to have a considerable sum of the initial investment, the use of activated carbon adsorption of carbon per year program to replace the core cost is not a small expenditure. Environmental governance institutions have made it clear that they can do now is: governance requirements of not more than the absence of corporate governance need to pay to the Government sewage charges. Thus, to the maximum possible reduction of this part of the expenses is not easy.

Of course, the traditional printed facing pressure to enhance environmental protection requirements, when to promote the use of digital printing in the packaging field may be a good thing, but a high degree of external dependence of digital printing equipment and supplies, as long as it does not appear high production costs make felt the decline, the difficulty of further application of the objective will increase. This is why only a few tens of millions of people in Germany, "Fuji personal album in Germany processing center, every day thousands of the nicely bound hardcover book from this output, the Christmas season is more likely over ten thousand," while in annually with hundreds of millions of overseas Chinese domestic tourism, the same amount of pictures was very little reason. Relationship between the amount and price of suppliers need to think about; mobilize domestic technology, digital printing equipment and supplies down the road made the relevant government departments should seriously think about, otherwise, in this area, we work with the international advanced level the gap will become increasingly large, the right to speak will be getting smaller and smaller.