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Qi global food packaging industry to go the road of innovation benefits of the new record high

Click : times    Time :2016-06-10

[Reuters] China Packaging Food packaging is an important part of the food commodities, has been called "special food additives", it is one of the major projects in the food industry. It can protect food against biological, chemical, physical damage to the external factors, the food itself has maintained stable quality and functionality, is the last step of the modern food industry. The food industry is an integral part.

Food packaging industry is constantly changing, especially in the rapid development of science and technology today, the new form of packaging, packaging materials appear to enrich the food packaging. At the same time, countries in accordance with the development needs of the times, the introduction of policies on food packaging and higher requirements to regulate the packaging market.

US specification new gene drug labels or increased medical expenses $ 4,000,000,000

Packaging machine industry market research analysis report, the US Food and Drug Administration recently introduced genes associated with drug label specification pilot Bill, perhaps to leave the state to generate additional expenditure of $ 1 billion annually. Once the trial commencement of the Ordinance, pharmaceutical companies have the right to make some changes on the labels, which changes according to the current regulations may be permitted. MGA research institute found that the new regulations make it easier for generic drugs manufacturers faced with the risk of legal proceedings. To protect their rights, the manufacturers have to increase the cost of adding more side effects warnings on drug labels, and raise prices.