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Under the new normal packaging and printing businesses How to Take the Road to accelerate advanced

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One of the most important means of processing packaging and decoration printing is not just the packaging, at the same time deliver the message plays, presentations of goods, promote corporate culture, reflecting the personality and taste of the user role. For some commodities, such as enlarging, wine labels, etc., packaging and printing also plays an important security role, so packaging and decoration printing industry plays an increasingly important role in modern business, promoting the development of the printing industry of China's major power First, its growth rate was significantly higher than the average level of the entire printing industry, in 11 industry sub-category growth rate second only to the label printing industry. According to an authoritative department predicted that 2016 will be the rapid development of the packaging industry, its growth rate will be higher than two to three percentage points the national GDP, while 8% to 10% increase will be the new normal packaging printing development. Language new normal, packaging and printing industry, enterprise development road next How to Take in the new development environment?

Emphasis on policy interpretation

Compliance with national policies and regulations, the new policy to seek business opportunities is the key to enterprise development. In the "Thirteen Five" plan of China's printing industry made it clear three points, one highlight of the large state-owned printing enterprises policy guidance and support, and to develop an effective path to good policy sink; the second is to highlight new technologies, new promote the use of technology policy guidance and support, and optimization of the printing industry, the allocation of resources between upstream and downstream industries, and promote the upgrading of printing technology; three is the printing industry and Internet convergence of policy guidance and support to promote the restructuring of the industry upgrading, be sure to match the height of the industry and the economic and cultural development.

Prudent management of the "new normal

2015, from the data also see a lot of printing and packaging companies have made new achievements in the face of adversity, including a higher gross margin, net profit margin, per capita contribution rate, capacity utilization and production and utilization for other indicators. Binding site assessment point of view, mostly management more perfect. If a company is recovered by the ink tank weighing to check how much ink is wasted and controlled, and save 30 million per year; by protecting mask instead of wrapping plastic wrap, saving more than 400 million. Therefore, the management of reckoning will be packaging and printing enterprises in the future the new normal.

"Transformation" we must be cautious, the most important Lianhaoneigong

Printing industry has entered the era of little profit, enhance the technological content of the production line, improve productivity through science and technology, thereby reducing their dependence on people to build automated production lines, reduce labor costs and eliminate the traditional mode of operation, to achieve the transformation and upgrading in the true sense. By 2015, the rate of customer complaints printing industry, either by number or by statistical orders statistics, than last year rose by more than 10%. Although the deterioration of quality problems involving many reasons, but because many companies are the main business downturn, blind change brought. If you are familiar with do not, how easily can be made to believe that strange? In serious overcapacity and the economic downturn era, survived the first wig, exercise internal strength is important.

Improve technology, development of new materials

The overall requirements of green packaging design, in addition to emphasize the protection of packaging and display and other functions should be added the environmental and psychological functions. Export, the packaging design should pay attention to the following aspects: First, the target market countries to be aware of environmental requirements; Second, packaging and decoration, such as the design patterns and colors to highlight the environmental atmosphere, to adapt to foreign consumers to protect the environment and beautify the environment, consumer psychology; third, the choice of packaging materials, to develop lightweight, high-performance packaging paper, bamboo packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging transformation.

Speed ​​up the pace with international standards

At present, the developed countries have to ensure the promotion and use of green packaging by law, and developed a variety of laws and regulations to limit packaging waste. China, which had been lacking in this respect, although in recent years have introduced a number of policies related to the packaging, but the lack of mandatory binding, very limited. Legislative package, we should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the countries in the world, one can better learn from the success and maturity of legislative experience, insight into the latest developments in their packaging regulations and develop appropriate countermeasures.

Accelerate green logo certification

Enterprises must establish an environmental management system and certified by authorities at home and abroad. Currently, the world has more than 30 countries (regions) to implement their own environmental labeling system, involving more and more products, exports of products made of these flags, you have equal access to these markets, "green card."