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Color box packaging and printing, small orders casting one hundred billion market

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In recent years, the printing industry, annual revenue of more than one trillion, and the 5% annual growth rate. However breakdown of view, print this market segment is growing at 10 percent per year decline in decline, driven by real growth in the printing industry is the packaging, commercial, business materials (such as flyers, posters) and other printed materials of the surge in demand.

Although public demand for packaging is increasing, but according to the data show that although the country 300 000 packaging enterprises, but not cluster together, low innovation capacity, slow transformation of the industry as a whole. The main reason is the low-volume, number of personalized orders, types of packaging confused, standardized, making it difficult to achieve the scale of production. It is predicted that China's potential boxed small orders printing market size of about one hundred billion level.

Up to now, China's printing industry is far less than 1% online penetration. Other countries (Germany, the United States and Japan), such as Germany's online penetration is 27 percent and continued to grow in November Bertelsmann printing group (Bertelsmann Printing Group) has set up Europe's largest network printing, and the United States Japan also has Vistaprint, PrintPac two online giants. So even listed in Chinese printing company also failed to account for 1% of the market share of one trillion, its ceiling is still high enough, but also awaiting a "Internet" printing giant was born.

One hundred billion market, where the key Internet technology

Although the Internet is a traditional industry 2014-2015 + transition year, India has emerged a number of clouds, sunshine network printing, quick printing and other passengers O2O platform, but for printing, the order of the Internet, crossed too many obstacles need :

1. small orders, high costs, how to reduce costs

Packaging printing market, though they have one hundred billion of volume, but small volume, personalized orders multitudinous, confused kind of craft, low degree of standardization, it is difficult to achieve large-scale production, resulting in high unit cost of expensive, low profits.

2. industry professionals threshold is high, how to reduce the user threshold

Individual needs, long service period, the price is high. Ordinary people encounter a lot of technical terms, paper, technology, size, specifications, piecemeal various parameters, it is impossible to choose, or choose to spend a very long time. Because the manufacturers of paper, ink and auxiliary uneven quality, causing serious product color and many other issues, the quality can not be guaranteed. No document design, production specifications, resulting in misprints, were missing and when problems occur, experience a sense of poor.

3. The long industrial chain, each link needs how Internet technology

Printed long industrial chain, a site that does not mean you will be able to Internet technology, the user orders, payments, production distribution, quality management, order tracking, delivery, delivery time and so the management of the Internet is the real problem to be solved.

4. The integration of Internet industry and professional issues

If you have Internet experience just kept pure, without printing expertise, as well as a sufficient understanding of the industry, anyone can not do.

Who is the first packaging printing Internet

Although the class of 2015 is printed Internet platform (cloud printing, network printing sunlight, Indian Express and other passengers O2O platform) Rise of the year, it will undoubtedly bring a new climate for the printing industry. Compared to the momentum of development of Internet commercial printing, packaging printing seems weak, it is understood that most of packaging printing companies just Alibaba, Taobao, Jingdong platform set up shop in C, also provided a fixed size, paper goods, box-type packaging.